Custom Technology Systems is a leading provider in the supply, installation, service, and support of Turnstiles, Speedgates, and Entrance Control Solutions.

For over 16 years, Custom Technology Systems has led the way in securing organisations, buildings, and

facilities with the World's leaders in Speed Gates and Turnstiles.
No one comes close to our experience and expertise.

Turnstiles and Speedgates are purposely designed to protect the workplace from unwelcome visitors by detecting tailgating endeavours.

An automated entry system removes the confrontation and human element in the decision making process as to who has authority to enter an area.

Turnstiles provide bi-directional access control in conjunction with an access control system.

To enter, users present a valid credential, which opens the turnstile’s motorised barriers away from the user, allowing a single passage in the requested direction.
Unauthorised entries or attempts to tailgate on an authorised entry, are deterred.

Staff members appreciate the resultant increase in security as their workspace and personal possessions have enhanced protection.

Companies have a duty of care to their employees to provide a safe place of work. Turnstiles move organisations towards achieving this goal.

Used to provide secure Entrance and Access Control in:

Main Lobby and Foyer Access | Employee Entrances | Elevator Access Control Floor Level Access | Time and Attendance

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Government Buildings
Commercial Offices
Stadiums, Gym, Industrial & More...

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Facial Recognition, Biometric Access Control, RFID, Bluetooth Mobile.

Turnstile and Speedgate Models


Alvarado SU5000 swinging barrier optical turnstile provides
bi-directional access control in conjunction with a facility access control system. 
With the Speed Gate industry’s slimmest cabinet design, the SU5000 slim size and very compact footprint saves floor space and allows use of optical turnstiles in areas where space is a premium.

Gunnebo FP

The Gunnebo SpeedStile FP continues to be one of Gunnebo’s most popular and sought after optical turnstile products.
The Gunnebo SpeedStile FP incorporates optical technology with normally closed full-height glass barriers that retract in and out of the turnstile housings. 
Passage in one or both directions electronically controlled on receiving a signal from the access control system


The Alvarado SU4500 Speed Gate is Alvarado’s most compact barrier optical turnstile.
Designed for high-end facilities where space is at a premium, the Alvarado SU4500 has a compact installation footprint but doesn’t compromise on security, performance or looks.

Alvarado EDM

The Alvarado EDM Turnstile is a motorized waist high turnstile that provides single or bi-directional access control. The motorized arm rotation provides a very comfortable passage experience for patrons.
Upon loss of power or fire system input, the horizontal arm automatically drops to provide a clear exit passageway.

Alvarado EDC

The Alvarado EDC tripod turnstile is designed to provide years of trouble free operation, our waist high turnstiles rotate smoothly and self-center when returning to the home position.
The stainless steel cabinet is manufactured without visible bolts or fasteners, providing a clean, less industrial look.

Alvarado MST

Alvarado MST full height turnstiles provide safe and secure operation.
The electric model provides bi-directional access control in conjunction with a facility access control system or any device that can provide a dry contact output (such as a push button).
America’s most specified and used maximum security full height turnstile. Simply put, no other product comes close to the quality and performance of the MST.

Alvarado CPST

The Alvarado CPST clear full height turnstile has crystal clear rotating arms and side panels for a less industrial look.
No other full height product comes close to the quality, looks and performance of the CPST clear full height turnstile.
The CPST provides bi-directional access control in conjunction with a facility access control system or any device that can provide a dry contact output (such as a push button).

Alvarado SW1000

The Alvarado SW1000 is an attractive motorized pedestrian gate that is an ideal product to provide disabled access in conjunction with our waist high or optical turnstiles.
The SW1000 Swing Gate integrates easily with access control systems and can be activated by entry control devices such as a push button.

Alvarado MSG

Alvarado’s full height pedestrian security gate looks and functions much better than a chain link gate or a one-off fabricated solution. MSG full height gates have a large opening width and are often installed in conjunction with full height turnstiles to provide passageways for accessibility or material deliveries.