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Full-Height Turnstiles

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When it comes to Turnstiles, no one comes close to the expertise of Custom Technology Systems. From our years of experience, number of projects, manufacturer factory training.

Custom Technology Systems is better equipped to assist you with your Entrance Control Turnstile needs.

Ask yourself – Do you know everyone who is in your facility at any one time?
​If you cannot confidently say exactly who has come and go from your facility, how can you say your organisations assets, your company brand and IP, and your people are protected?

Turnstiles are an essential in today's security and health & safety environment.

Integrated with the facility's Access Control System, Turnstiles provide organisations with a number of non-negotiable requirements.

  • Deterrent to unethical behaviour and theft.

  • Detect unauthorised access.

  • Time and Attendance and a log of all staff entries and exits.

  • Delay against attacks and threats.

Turnstiles ensure only authorised persons are permitted to enter the desired area.

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Projects and Resources


Projects and Resources


Projects and Resources

Gym & Recreation

Projects and Resources


Projects and Resources


Projects and Resources


Projects and Resources

Hospital & Healthcare

Projects and Resources


Construction Site Turnstile NZ.jpg

Contractor Entry

Construction Sites

Turnstiles at the entry to construction sites provide a layer of security and an increase in Health and Safety.

Alvarado MST-TE Touchless Turnstile.gif


Contactless Entry

Overhead sensors rotate the turnstiles roto automatically to create a fully touch-free entry solution.

Schlage Handkey Full Height


Time and Attendance

Connect your Turnstiles to the Time and Attendance System to streamline business processes.

Turnstile Models

Alvarado MST Full-Height Turnstile.jpg


MST full height turnstiles provide safe and secure operation. Providing bi-directional access control in conjunction with a facility access control system. After each passage, the rotating section of the full height turnstile smoothly returns to the home position and locks in place, ready for the next user.
Simply put, no other product comes close to America's most specified and used maximum security turnstile.

Alvarado CPST Full Height Turnstile NZ.jpeg


Alvarado’s CPST clear full height turnstile has crystal clear rotating arms and side panels for a less industrial look.

The CPST clear full height turnstile is built to the same exacting standards as all our full height turnstiles.

Unlike competitor models, the integral sections of the CPST clear full height turnstile are complete assemblies, not bolted together components, creating a solid, secure and structurally sound product.

Alvarado MST-TE Touchless Turnstile.jpg


Alvarado’s new touchless, motorized full height turnstile provides a smooth, secure and completely contactless passage for users.

After presenting a valid entry credential, an overhead sensor detects the user as they enter. Rotation begins and completes automatically, eliminating the need for users to push their way through the turnstile.

Perfect for covid environments. 

Alvarado CPST-TE Turnstile NZ.jpeg


Alvarado’s CPST-TE is a touch-free, motorized full height turnstile with crystal clear rotating arms and side panels for a less industrial look, and is best suited for indoor or covered outdoor applications.

The motorized rotation of the CPST-TE provides a smooth, secure and completely contactless passage for users.

Field retrofit kits are also available to add touchless functionality to installed Alvarado full height turnstiles.

Alvarado MSTT Tandem Turnstile NZ.jpeg


MSTT tandem full height turnstiles provide secure and safe operation. Each rotating section has built in speed control that controls the arm rotation speed by self-adjusting to the pushing force of the user. 

The MSTT tandem full height turnstile’s space saving design requires approximately 30″ less side to side installation space than two individual turnstiles.

Alvarado MSG Pedestrian Gate.jpg


Alvarado’s full height pedestrian security gate looks and functions much better than a chain link gate or a one-off fabricated solution.

MSG full height gates have a large opening width and are often installed in conjunction with full height turnstiles to provide passageways for accessibility or material deliveries.

Benefits & Designs

Benefits & Designs

Improved Security

Turnstiles are a physical asset which add value to your organisational security practices.


Full-Height Turnstiles are an effective measure for perimeter security.

- Deter

- Deny

- Detect

- Defend

- Delay

Keep unauthorised persons out and only allow those with a valid credential in. 

Protecting your staff and your assets.

Improved Health and Safety

Turnstiles are what's called true 1:1 Entry.

Meaning everyone who enters is accounted for, therefore you now know who is on site.

By knowing who has entered the building and exited the facility, you now have critical data and information required in emergency situations.

As a PCBU, under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, you must ensure you have measures in place to keep staff safe while they are at work.

Controlling entry around the facility helps to keep staff safe and secure at work.

Access Control Integration

Turnstiles can be easily integrated with all access technologies to provide an automatic entry point.

Whether your building is using;

- RFID / Access Cards

- Bluetooth Mobile 

- Biometric Finger Print Readers

- Facial Recognition

- Metal Detection

Integrate with time and attendance systems for hourly employees.

Drawings and Layouts

Turnstiles  and complementary pedestrian gates can be configured into various layouts to suit your building access requirements.

A single Turnstile can be configured and used for  both entry and exit.

Multiple Turnstiles can be used and located around the facility for distribution of entry.

Portable and relocatable platforms and baseplates can also be used to minimise installation and cabling requirements.


Featured Project


Project References

Alvarado MST Galvanised Turnstile


Entrance Control

2 x Alvarado MST
Full-Height Turnstiles
Bi-Directional Access

Alvarado MST Black Turnstile


Entrance Control

1 x Alvarado MST
Full-Height Turnstile.

Bi-Directional Access Control

Powder Coated

turnstiles container.jpg


Entrance Control

2 x Alvarado MST
Full-Height Turnstiles
Bi-Directional Access Control

MST Full-Height Turnstile.jpg

Open Country

Entrance Control

1 x Alvarado MST
Full-Height Turnstile.

Bi-Directional Access Control

Powder Coated

Convention Centre Site Entry Turnstiles.JPG

Fletcher ICC

Entrance Control

2 x Alvarado MST
Full-Height Turnstiles

Portable Baseplate
1 x MSG Pedestrian Gate

Alvarado MST Black Turnstile


Entrance Control

1 x Alvarado MST
Full-Height Turnstile.


Powder Coated

4 x Alvarado SU5000
1500mm Custom - Height
LED Lighting
Wheelchair Accessible Width.

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