Entrance Control Speedgates and Turnstiles are used in a number of applications throughout Educational Environments.

Student and Membership access into the Gym and Recreation Centres.

Student and Staff access throughout the campus and to control access into specific parts of the campus.

Simply put, Educational facilities need to keep their assets protected, and their students and staff safe while they're on campus.
Controlling access as to who can and cannot enter the campus is the first step towards achieving a safe learning environment.

Entrance Gate Models



Sleek and stylish, the SU5000 boasts the latest in optical detection technology.

The SU5000 swinging barrier optical- turnstile provides bi-directional access control.
The SU5000 has a number of operational modes and features that provide a superb combination of security, safety and high user throughput



The SW500 uses infrared-based motion detection that opens the gate when movement is detected, providing motorized single direction entry or exit control.


A stunning combination of security, safety, and aesthetics.
The SU4500 has a compact installation footprint, designed for high end environments where space is at a premium.

The SU4500 swinging barrier optical turnstile provides bi-directional access control in conjunction with a facility access control system.



The EDM is a motorized waist-high turnstile that provides single or bi-directional access control. The motorized arm rotation provides a very comfortable passage experience for patrons.Upon loss of power or fire system input, the horizontal arm automatically drops to provide a clear exit passageway. 



The SW1000 is an attractive motorized pedestrian gate that is an ideal product to provide disabled access in conjunction with our
waist-high or optical turnstiles.

The SW1000 integrates easily with access control systems and can be activated by entry control devices such as a push button installed at a guard or entry desk.

Project References

MIT Tech Park Manukau Security Gates.jpg


Entrance Control

4 x Alvarado SU5000 Speed Gates

1500mm High Barrier Panels

Bi-Directional Swing Panels

Dynamic LED Lighting

1 x Alvarado MST Full Height Turnstile.

Powder Coated Black Gloss

MIT Tech Park Manukau.jpg


Entrance Control

1 x Alvarado MST Full Height Turnstile.

Powder Coated Black Gloss

University of Waikato Unirec.jpg


Entrance Control

2 x Alvarado EDM Waist-High Turnstiles
Drop Arm

1 x SW1000 Swing Gate