Access Control &
Intruder Alarm

Access Control is an electronic key, that provides building access through the office and warehouse doors, pedestrian gates, and vehicle barriers.

The future of Access Control Systems are bluetooth-mobile enabled technologies and biometric devices such as facial recognition.

With mobile Access Control Systems, you now have the ability to manage and secure your site and premise from your mobile device - anywhere and anytime. 

Let Custom Technology Systems consult with you to secure your business with the latest and most advanced secure technologies to ensure you're protected at all times.

Intruder Alarm

Arm and disarm areas of your building using a smartphone from anywhere, at any time.

Say goodbye to shared PIN codes and alarm keypads. Instead, activate the alarm securely from your phone. Set the Late to Arm notification so you can be sure your business is secure, even when you’re not there. Use Bluetooth to arm your site locally when internet connectivity is unavailable.

Access Control

Lock or unlock doors using a smartphone, or a SMB Key Fob Tag.

Configure the doors to be locked 24/7, requiring users to request access at the reader,

or set a schedule for when doors should be unlocked.
To enter through a locked door, a user must request access by holding their phone to the reader.

As a business owner or site manager, unlock doors remotely from your smart phone if you are not

on-site for visitors or contractors needing to gain access.

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Gallagher SMB Access Control.png
Gallagher SMB Access Control.png

User Management

Add, edit or remove an unlimited number of users.

It's simple and easy to add, edit, and remove users, and manage exactly which parts of the building they can control – even temporary users like contractors and cleaners.
You’ll be able to see who has activated the alarm or requested access at doors viewing the history log.


Manage the security of multiple sites from one SMB app.
If you manage multiple businesses, you can control the security of them all from one app.
Easily move between different branches of your businesses within the app.

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Third-party Monitoring

Opt for a third-party monitoring company to manage any security incidents that occur.


Receive real-time alarm notifications and request a guard to visit your site.

You’ll get notified as soon as an alarm is triggered and receive clear details about what is happening on your site. You’ll then be able to decide whether to silence the alarm and close the incident – if you know why the alarm went off – or request a guard to check out the situation first-hand.
If you miss the notification, the system can automatically call a guard for you.

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