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Given the current circumstances, it’s beyond clear that providing a safe and hygienic experience for guests and staff alike will be paramount moving forward.


Touch-free / contactless admission control from Alvarado is just one simple innovative idea worth considering for Stadiums and Venues.

Adding Alvarado’s self-scanning pedestals and turnstiles automates the guest admission process and helps reduce staffing requirements, thus limiting close one-to-one interactions.

When guests self-validate credentials, ticketing attendants can focus on customer service,  crowd control, and security.

A single staff member can monitor multiple devices while also being more observant of their surroundings.

Stadium Staff Turnstile Layout.png

Turnstile Models

Alvarado UltraQ Tripod Turnstile.png


Alvarado’s UltraQ-AMT is a compact motorized turnstile.
Providing Bi-Directional Access Control.

The turnstile allows guests to self-scan access credentials to gain access to controlled areas at sports and entertainment facilities.
Upon powering down the UltraQ-AMT drops the horizontal arm, providing a clear passageway.

Alvarado IntraQ SU5000 Stadium Speedgate

IntraQ SU5000 Turnstile

The IntraQ-SU5000 provides the latest in access technology for sports and entertainment venues.

The IntraQ-SU5000’s intelligent optical detection system recognises and notifies of instances such as tailgating or forced entry attempts.

Once printed or digital credentials are validated, panels open away, providing touchless entry.
 IntraQ-SU5000 supports rapid throughput of up to 30 guests a minute.

Alvarado IntraQ Self Scanning Ticket Ped

IntraQ Portable Pedestal

The IntraQ admission pedestal provides portable, barrier free access control, allowing guests to self-validate entry credentials at sports and entertainment venues. With approximately 12 hours of continuous operation on a single battery charge, and our uniquely designed portable dolly with bracket and handle, the IntraQ provides true mobile access control.

Project References


Eden Park

Entrance Control

Alvarado TAS-12 EDC 
Waist-High Tripod Turnstiles

Claudelands Arena Hamilton.jpg


Entrance Control

Alvarado IntraQ Self Scanning Portable Pedestals

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