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Hospital & Healthcare

With a constant stream of employees, patients and visitors, keeping hospital areas secure and protecting patient privacy can be a difficult challenge.
To meet this challenge, Optical Turnstiles and Speedgate solutions secure controlled areas.


In staff-only areas, different credential levels for staff based on location or security level can be set through the facility’s access control system.
Entry control solutions can be used to allow only those with the proper credentials to access secured areas such as emergency departments and maternity units.

For visitor access, optical turnstiles integrate with a temporary ID system, allowing visitors to enter by validating their temporary credential at the turnstile.

By having visitors registering their details at a kiosk for example, this will allow Hospitals to gather information on who has been visiting the facility.

This is particularly important when trying to identify assaults against hospital staff.
Typically 2,000 DHB staff are assaulted in New Zealand hospitals each year.

Entrance Gate Models



Advanced optical security and safety sensors detect unauthorised entry.

Visitors register their details at a visitor management kiosk and are issued with a printed or digital credential to gain entry.

Integration into the Access Control System allows for staff entry

Customisable design finishes; Barrier Heights, Passage Widths, Cabinet Colours, LED Lighting and more.



The Alvarado SU4500 Optical Turnstile has all the features of the SU5000 however in a compact footprint where space is premium.

Integration into the Visitor Management system for visitors and Access Control System for staff entry.

Advanced optical security and safety sensors detect unauthorised entry.

Customisable design finishes; Passage Widths, Cabinet Colours, LED Lighting and more.



The SW1000 is an attractive motorized pedestrian gate that is an ideal product to provide disabled access in conjunction with our
waist-high or optical turnstiles.

The SW1000 integrates easily with access control systems and can be activated by entry control devices such as a push button installed at a guard or entry desk.

Product Media

Project References



Health - Huntington

Entrance Control

Southside Hospital Turnstiles.jpg

Health - Southside

Entrance Control

Healthcare Security Speedgates.jpeg


Entrance Control

Hospital Speedgates.jpeg

Lennox Hill

Entrance Control

Hospital Security Gates.jpg

Health Systems

Entrance Control

Nebraska Med - SU5000 Baseplate ADA.jpeg


Entrance Control

Northwell Hospital Turnstiles.jpg

Health - Long Island

Entrance Control

Forest Hills Hospital Turnstiles.jpeg


Entrance Control

St Christopher Hospital Speedgates and Turnstiles.jpg

St. Christopher

Entrance Control

Northwell Health Hospital Turnstiles.jpeg

Health - Manhattan

Entrance Control

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