Custom Technology Systems supplies and supports Turnstiles and Speedgates across New Zealand for;

- Construction Site Entry

- Contractor/Employee Time and Attendance

- Office and Warehouse Entry

- Perimeter Security

Turnstiles and Speedgates provide health and safety benefits in high risk facilities by ensuring organisations have the information available to know who is entering the facility, and the infrastructure to stop those not permitted.

Controlling the access of visitors, contractors, and staff in and around the facility.

Integrate Turnstiles with Time and Attendance Systems to unify and streamline the sign in/sign out process for contractors and staff.

Alvarado turnstiles are manufactured be durable, robust, and to operate reliably on contractor and site entry points.
The Alvarado MST is the no.1 specified turnstile in America.

Turnstile Models



The SU5000 swinging barrier optical turnstile provides bi-directional access control.
Sleek and stylish, the SU5000 boasts the latest in optical detection technology.

Typically applications include reception entry and office entry.



The EDM is a motorized waist-high turnstile that provides single or bi-directional access control.
The motorized arm rotation provides a very comfortable passage experience for patrons.
Upon loss of power or fire system input, the horizontal arm automatically drops to provide a clear exit passageway. 

Typical applications include building entry, and warehouse entry.


MST full height turnstiles provide safe and secure operation.
Providing bi-directional access control in conjunction with a facility access control system.
After each passage, the rotating section of the full height turnstile smoothly returns to the home position and locks in place, ready for the next user.

Simply put, no other product comes close to America's most specified and used maximum security turnstile.

Typical applications include perimeter security, and factory entry.

Project References

AFFCO Wairoa.jpg


Entrance Control

2 x Alvarado MST Full-Height Turnstiles

MST Full-Height Turnstile.jpg

Open Country

Entrance Control

1 x Alvarado MST Full-Height Turnstiles.
Powder Coated Black

Container Turnstiles.png


Entrance Control

4 x Alvarado EDC Waist-High Tripod Turnstiles

turnstiles container.jpg


Entrance Control

2 x Alvarado MST Full-Height Turnstiles.
+ Facial Recognition