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Organisations are at risk and facing more threats now more than ever.

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

New Zealand is again found itself in a reactive state. Nothing new there really though is it?

How can we change the law? how can we prevent these incidents from happening again? Are frequently asked questions that have been discussed privately and publicly.

It seems we’ve become complacent, again. Fallen back into our false sense of comfort that we are in a land far far away from many of the world problems we often see on tv.

As I type this, it feels all so relatable to another global issue that we thought we were so far away from and had seemingly eliminated but is of course, back. However, I’m not here to discuss that one today, that’s a story for another day.

Terrorism, extremism, random acts of violence, planned acts of violence, whatever you want to call them are not just one-off events that occur on a blue moon. These are real threats out there in our society whether you like to believe it or not, and they threat is more common than you may be aware of.

While the execution may be rare, that is irrelevant. You can take a chance on luck.

One area where we have seen threats become more common and are increasingly more at risk are our businesses and workplaces.

Just this year there have been at least 4 major corporate offices evacuated from threats.

As an organisation, as a staff member, ask yourselves what could cause a threat to you at work and at your place of work?

In today’s stressed climate, it’s not hard to find a motive.

Motives can vary and come from a range of insecurities.

It could be ex-employee who feels aggrieved at situation at work such as being made redundant or how they’ve been treated by their ex employer. Customers who feel their needs aren’t being met.

Insurance claims denied, court cases lost, companies being liquidated.

Do your employees and colleagues live in environments where their family violence could be brought into the workplace? Because it will happen.

Times are tough for many people and a knock-on effect of covid is that they will continue to be difficult. Economic and societal pressures are being felt.

All PCBU’s (aka a business) have a duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to provide a safe place of work for their employees.

Not taking measures to ensure staff safety and your safety is pure naivety and negligence.

So I ask you, are you and your business going to be pro-active or reactive?

Contact Custom Technology Systems to find out about some of the simple measures that we've implemented for organisations that you too can put in place to reduce and mitigate risk situations in your workplace.


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