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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

In order to be able to consult, advise, sell, and install Security Systems - Companies and Individuals MUST hold the appropriate licences.


The Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010 (PSP&PI Act) covers the activity of those who provide security services either as a company, sole trader or employee. Compliance with the Act is the responsibility of the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA).


The purpose of the Act is to ensure that companies and sole traders offering specified private security and investigation services for hire, and personnel providing those services:

  1. Are suitably qualified to carry out that work, and

  2. Do not behave in ways that are contrary to the public interest.

Who needs to be licensed?

The PSP&PI Act applied to the following services:

  • Security Technician: installs, removes, or repairs burglar alarms, warning devices, special locks and cameras.

  • Security consultant: sells or gives advice on burglar alarms, warning devices, special locks, cameras and guarding services.

  • Property Guard: guards property and/or monitors burglar alarms, warning devices and cameras (roles defined as Security Officer or Monitoring Officer).

  • Crowd Controller: screens entry, keeps order and removes people if necessary.

  • Personal Guard Service: guards a specific person.

  • Private Investigator: obtains and supplies information about another person such as financial position, occupation or business, identity or whereabouts or personal character, actions or behaviour.

  • Repossession Agent: repossesses consumer goods on behalf of a creditor.

  • Confidential Document Destruction: collects and destroys confidential documents.

What licence is required?

Companies and Sole Traders

  • Must hold a licence for each class of service provided.

  • All staff employed who provide a security service must hold a Certificate of Approval (COA) or licence for that class of service.

  • Cannot employ staff to perform security services that are not covered by the Company/Sole Trader licence.

  • Must file an Annual Return for each year licence held.

Security Employee

  • Must hold a valid COA for the service provided.

  • Will need to demonstrate competency through training or skills.

Custom Technology Systems staff are licensed with both Security Consultant and Security Technician. This means we have you covered to provide expert advice and consultation on your security system needs, and we can sell and install security systems to you.

If you're unsure about who you're receiving advice from, you can contact the New Zealand Security Association for help and assurances you are using licensed and credible installers and integrators


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