Contact-Less Entry and Contact-Tracing Technologies 

Custom Technology Systems is active in integrating advanced technology such as contact-less entry solutions into clients buildings to revolutionise their systems, and now join the fight to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Strategic Implementation of architecture where individuals and staff can enter a building and travel to their destination with minimal contact of potentially contaminated surfaces is available.


Entry and Access:

Facial Recognition, Biometric Readers, Mobile Technology can all be used in conjunction with the buildings access control to provide contact-less automatic entry into the building.


Integrated with entry Speedgates and Turnstiles, Lift Call and Elevator Dispatch can also be interfaced to call a lift to the staff members floor reducing the need to touch elevator displays and buttons.

Contact Tracing:

Whilst reducing the contact of surfaces, these technologies can also act as contact-tracing points in identifying where people have been and when they have been there. A valuable tool in helping reduce the spread of Covid-19.

These contact-less systems can act as stand-alone systems or be integrated into existing systems in the buildings infrastructure.

Facial Recognition Temperature Turnstile

Temperature Screening

Fast temperature measurement and face/card recognition with Temperature screening.

Temperature accuracy:±0.5 °C

Contact-less entry system used as stand-alone or integrate with existing access control systems.

Biometric Readers

Frictionless and contactless biometric readers can eliminate the need for a card and access when reading the finger-tips of a registered staff member. 

SU5000 Facial Recognition.jpg

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is both a hygienic, secure, and cost-effective system used in the entrance system.

This ensures only staff in the system can enter, and they don't require to touch surfaces to enter either.


Mobile Access

Using Bluetooth and Mobile Technologies integrated with the building access control to open Speedgates and Turnstiles reducing the touch points within the building and reduces the need for access cards. 

Elevator Dispatch.png

Lift Call

Lift Call and Elevator Dispatch Systems activated on the Entry Speedgates and Turnstile reduce streamline the entry process by calling a lift to your floor without the need to touch buttons and displays. 

Staggered Speedgates.JPG

Entry Layouts

Designate access gates specifically for Entry or Exit and think about spreading out the layout by staggering or partitioning the lanes to help maximise the distance between persons.