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Contactless Technology Solutions

If the past few years have taught us one thing. It's that hygiene and and clean workplace environments are important to employees health.

Custom Technology Systems is active in the strategic implementation of architecture where individuals and staff can enter a building and travel to their destination with minimal contact of potentially contaminated surfaces.

We recommend integrating advanced security technology such as contact-less entry solutions into buildings to revolutionise and streamline their systems.

Bluetooth Mobile Speedgates.png


Contact-less Entry

When Speedgates are part of the entry process, the bi-directional barrier panels open automatically for staff and visitors when they present authorised credentials.

Without needing to push or pull door handles, the automatic opening of the Speedgates creates a contactless and secure entry into the workplace.


Temperature Screening

Fast temperature measurement of staff or visitors and face/card recognition with Temperature Screening.

Temperature accuracy:±0.5 °C

A Contact-less Entry System that can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated with existing access control systems.

Identify those who may be a risk, before they enter the workplace.

SU5000 Facial Recognition
Morphowave Speedgates.jpg


Touchless Biometric Entry

Frictionless and contactless biometric readers can eliminate the need for an access card, as users gain entry with the recognition of authorised finger-tips of a registered staff member swiped through the reader.


Morphowave by Idemia is a hand-wave reader that captures users finger prints without needing to touch the surface. A fast, secure, and hygienic entry solution.


Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is a hygienic, secure, and
cost-effective system used in the entry process.

Facial Recognition Terminals ensure only staff members registered in the system can enter.
There is no need from staff to touch any surfaces to enter either.

Facial Recognition SU5000.png
Elevator Dispatch.png


Elevator Dispatch

Lift Call Destination and Elevator Dispatch Systems activated on the entry Speedgates and Turnstiles streamline the entry process by calling a lift to your floor without the need to touch elevator buttons and lift display screens. 


Entry Layouts

Designate access gates and access points specifically for the purpose of 'Entry' or 'Exit'.

Other considerations are spreading out the layout area by staggering or partitioning the lanes to help maximise the distance between persons.

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