CCTV and Surveillance Systems

Custom Technology Systems Ltd combines their 20+ year history of market knowledge and experience with virtually every camera manufacturer to deliver the latest in CCTV Security Solutions.

We consult with you to guarantee your facility and premise has the most effective CCTV Security System and gives you the maximum output.
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There are many immediate and tangible benefits of CCTV Security Systems.

  • Deterrent; Cameras prove to be a deterrent to thieves and unethical behaviour. Knowing activity is monitored, persons are likely to consider their actions.

  • Safer Environment; CCTV prevents assaults, and misconduct.

  • Reduced Theft; A CCTV presence prevents theft, the temptation of theft, and offending.

  • Increased Detection; CCTV technology’s identify and isolate offending and criminal activity.

  • Eliminate Fraudulent Claims; CCTV can identify claims made against persons and companies.  

  • Remote Monitoring; Observe and supervise areas from where you are not. 24/7 monitoring of areas and property.

  • Reduced Fear; Being aware you have CCTV monitoring your environment provides an inner sense of security that you are protected.

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