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Optical turnstiles, full height turnstiles, waist high turnstiles and pedestrian gates.

Gym & Recreation

When turnstiles are part of the entry process, guests present their valid credential directly to the turnstile to gain facility access.


The optional floor saver baseplate enables easy installation of turnstiles on a solid foundation, without the need to drill holes into flooring for trenching or stubbing up conduit.

Stadia and Venues

Alvarado offers a comprehensive portfolio of access control solutions for sports and entertainment venues.


With a constant stream of employees, patients and visitors, keeping hospital areas secure and protecting patient privacy Alvarado offers optical turnstiles and solutions that secure controlled areas.

Card Reader Options

In today’s changing environment, contactless, secure access control is just one innovative idea worth considering for your facility. Flexible mounting options allow you to easily integrate a variety of contactless access options.

Corporate Lobby

Optical turnstiles provide a superior combination of security, safety and aesthetics that complement any lobby environment.

Perimeter Security

Solutions offer a highly secure point of entry and reduce the need for nearby guard staff. Units are fully designed for exterior applications, are easy to install, highly reliable, and are designed for long term continued duty use in any environment.


The SU5000 with bi-directional motorized swinging barriers is the culmination of Alvarado’s many years of optical turnstile design and manufacturing experience.


The EDM is a motorized waist high turnstile that provides single or bi-directional access control.
Upon loss of power or fire system input, the horizontal arm automatically drops to provide a clear exit passageway. 


The SU4500 is Alvarado’s most compact barrier optical turnstile. Designed for high-end facilities where space is at a premium, the SU4500 has a compact installation footprint but doesn’t compromise on security, performance or looks.


EDC series turnstiles are designed to provide years of trouble-free operation.
Electro-mechanical versions provide bi-directional access control.



The SW1000 is an attractive motorized pedestrian gate that is an ideal product to provide disabled access in conjunction with waist high or optical turnstiles. 


The MST is the most trusted, secure and reliable full height turnstile available.
MST full height turnstile has been America’s most specified and used maximum security full height turnstile

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Hospitals and Healthcare

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