Enterprise Management System

An ALL-IN-ONE Unified Security System to ease operations and improve efficiency by combining all systems onto one easy to use platform.


The Enterprise Management System is a high-level Security Management System combined with a Building Management System.

Specifically designed by Custom Technology Systems Ltd to provide Police, Justice, Correctional, and Custodial facilities the

user-management systems they need to work in a safer and efficient environment.



System Overview

The CTS2000© is a security management system that delivers a powerful, single source solution for integrating access control technologies, digital video and alarm monitoring systems.

Systems are scalable to meet your security needs today, and to expand and meet your security needs in the future all while satisfying your budget constraints.

The CTS2000©, is perfect for large organisations, multi-site or small organisations. 

A small site can be controlled by a single operator station with a stand-alone version of the EMS/BMS, for large systems the database resides on the server where there can be multiple control stations and operator stations. 

The interface allows you to effectively control your system from a main control area for various other sections.  It supports an unlimited number of cardholders and readers and provides unparalleled flexibility.


Our software package operates on a Windows operated computer that allows you to connect and customise to anything; manage alarms, door control, TV screens, gates, intercoms, cameras, fire and smoke alarms, to name a few. 

The multiple client/server system design consisting of control stations and operator stations allows you to connect additional operator stations depending on the size of an organisation.

On a system operated by multiple workstations, each workstation can be configured to control individual blocks. Using password access, an operator with a higher level password can take control of higher level functions on any workstation.

Features and Benefits

  • Site control functions- Access Control functions.         

  • Interface with CCTV system.

  • Alarm status monitoring.

  • Intercom functions.

  • Door status monitoring.

  • Tracking.

  • Individual and global control of lighting.

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).


Control Workstations allow Police to control the movements of prisoners in the station whilst minimising their contact with the prisoner.This enables Police to maintain personal safety and increases their protection.

Control Workstations

CCTV, Intercom, Lock Controls, Access Control, Guard Tour features are all managed simply with the aide of one Control Workstation.Cell services such as Lighting, Radio, TV, Water are all controlled easily from the Control Workstation.Easily Integrated and manageable without coming into contact with prisoners.


Custom Technology have installed and interfaced their EMS at numerous Police Stations throughout New Zealand. This is because of the efficient and effective functions.Systems have been designed specifically to adhere to the requirements of Police and aid them in their operations efficaciously.

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