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When you can hear, be heard, and be understood.

It allows you to be more efficient with your resources. 



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Communication Systems are critical infrastructure in the safety of everyday operations. When you combine the ability to hear, be heard, and see, it allows organisations to be more effective and efficient with their resources.

Custom Technology Systems specialises in the integration of IP Intercom and PA System Solutions to provide clear communication in all environments.

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Market Solutions

Buildings and Offices

By combining audio, access control and cameras you get the ability to see, speak and listen.
Vingtor-Stentofon makes it simple to welcome, guide, help or warn people anywhere in the building or on the premises

Building Intercoms and PA systems.png

Hospitals and Healthcare

Communication is such a critical component in providing healthcare in a safe and secure environment.

The communications system must be easy to use and self explanatory such that in an emergency it is immediately clear which button to press to get the help which is needed; it shall be easy to use for staff, patients and visitors.

This will enable the staff to give the best possible care to the patients.

Hospital Solution Map.png

Universities and Education

Emergency situations require immediate action. This places considerable responsibility on campus staff to act appropriately in the pivotal moments before emergency services arrive.

Effective and Intelligible Communication is extremely important in these situations as it provides guidance and safety to students and staff.

University Campus Solution Map.png


Intelligible audio is crucial in a busy and noisy airport environment.


Our advanced intercom solutions can connect all your audio based systems together into one integrated security and audio platform.

From one single intercom device, you can now make calls to radios, intercoms, external phones or even broadcast announcements on the PA system.

Airport Solution Map.png

Industrial, Factory, Plant

Communicate to the entire plant, selected zones, perform PA or Emergency Announcements and much more.

Operating a plant efficiently and safely requires a smart, reliable and high quality audio communication system.

Industrial and Warehouse Solution


Integrated Communication Solutions for a wide range of infrastructure projects such as toll booths, roadside assistance, tunnels, city surveillance, trains and metro, ports and harbour docks, and airports.

Using high quality voice and audio integrations assist city protection services in covering a wide range of areas more efficiently to provide additional levels of public support and security.

City Solution Map.png

Schools and Education

When a critical situation arises in our schools, immediate action is required. This imposes a special responsibility for staff to act before emergency services arrive.

Effective communication solutions have become paramount in these situations to provide guidance for students and staff. Parents want to know their children are in safe hands and schools take this responsibility seriously.

Schools and Education.png

Train and Rail Stations

Zenitel offers Vingtor-Stentofon integrated audio communication solutions across all rail segments such as Rolling Stock, Main Hall, Platform, Tracks & Control Center.

With Zenitel, you have the technology that lets your staff respond quickly and efficiently to incidents in real-time, thereby helping to elevate the security of staff and infrastructure at all times

Train Station Solution Map.png

Public Address Systems

Public Address Systems

The objective of most mass notification systems are one and the same: to notify a large number of individuals in the shortest time possible.

High quality Public Address 

Solutions using HD audio for virtually any environment.

By using IP technology, can be used with basically any system that supports the open SIP protocol.

Depending on your needs you can build a small-scale PA system or you can expand your PA system if you need more advanced integration features.

Providing a better solution is key to how an effective emergency broadcast system can help save lives in any kind of critical situation.

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Exigo Public Address

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

You're able to hear, be heard and understood, when and where you need to, every time

Vingtor-Stentofon Pulse is a cost-effective solution for small-to-medium-sized communication requirements. The system allows for as few as two stations and is scalable up to 3000+ units, depending on your needs.

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