Access Control and Intruder Alarms

Access Control & IntruderAlarm

System Overview

Custom Technology Systems offers smart, simple, and intelligent access control and intruder alarms for your business.

Simply manage and control your business from the palm of your hand and from your mobile device.

No more pin codes for your alarm. Turn on and turn off your alarm from your mobile device.
No more lost swipe cards, key fobs, and replacing keys. Access your building using your mobile device.

When a staff member leaves, forget the hassle of changing the alarm code or returning the swipe card or key. Simply remove their mobile access to the building.

Log all entry and exits of who has been in the building and at what time.



No Pin Codes

Arm and disarm your intruder alarm from your mobile phone.

Forget the hassle of staff members forgetting pin codes, or knowing pin codes when the leave.

It is all controlled from your mobile device.


Mobile Access

Forget the hassle and cost that comes with the issuing and replacing of lost swipe cards, key fobs, and keys.

Staff and contractors can be issued access to the building  by using their mobile device.

When the staff member leaves, remove their mobile access to the building.


Remote Access

Arm and Disarm your intruder alarm remotely. 
If you're at home and are unsure if the alarm has been set - simply open your phone and act accordingly.

If you have a contractor, cleaner, delivery driver needing access to the building.
Simply unlock the door remotely from your mobile to allow access. Re-lock the door from your mobile once they leave.

Features and Benefits

  • Cost-Saving

  • Time-saving

  • Remote Control 

  • Reduced Maintenance and Support Costs

  • Reduced False Alarms

  • Real-time information on alarms and access


Harness greater control over the building  security systems and operations while reducing the cost and time required to manage these systems.

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